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DOEE - Administrative Services Administration

Administrative Services Administration

Michelle Dee, Deputy Director
[email protected]
Fax: (202) 535-2881

The Administrative Services Administration’s (ASA) core function is to provide operational support and the required tools to achieve operational and programmatic results for the agency. This program is responsible for overseeing budgeting, financial and grants management; contracting and procurement; human resources; risk assessment and emergency management; property and fleet management; training; customer service; information technology; and, telecommunications functions for the agency. Through the development and implementation of administrative policies, procedures and processes the SSA seeks continuous improvement of agency operations. The ASA is comprised of three divisions: Support Services, Information Technology, and Grants and Contracts.

Support Services Division (SSD)

Jean Mitchell, Associate Director
(202) 535-1904 – General Number
(202) 535-2881 – Fax

The Support Services Division plans, develops, manages and coordinates basic administrative functions within DOEE by providing procurement, customer services, facilities, and fleet management services for the agency. Through the delivery of support services, DOEE is able to provide consistent and reliable customer service to employees and constituents.

Information Technology Division (ITD)

Brian Robinson
Telephone: (202) 481-3774 – General Number
Fax:. (202) 535-2881

The Information Technology Division manages the agency’s information and technology systems and infrastructure, including its automated processes, telecommunications systems, and technical supports; develops short and long-term planning for information technology initiatives; develops policies and procedures for electronic data management; ensures that resources are available for automation; and provides expert consultation to department personnel.

Grants and Contracts Division

Zita Rostas
[email protected]
Fax: (202) 535-1383

The Grants and Contracts Division implements and sustains a system for compliance enforcement, as well as prospecting, developing, monitoring and evaluating programs funded under the various public and private grant awards and revenue programs. The contracting and procurement activity provides contracts management, purchasing, and technical assistance to agency management and staff so they can obtain the services and commodities they need within budget, on time, and according to customer specifications.