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Notice of Final Rulemaking to Establish a Stormwater Fee Discount Program

On July 19, 2013, the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) published a Notice of Final Rulemaking establishing the Stormwater Fee Discount Program, which DDOE has named RiverSmart Rewards. Publication of this final rule followed a 45-day review period by the Council of the District of Columbia (DC Council).

The final rule amend 21 DCMR (Water and Sanitation), Chapter 5 (Water Quality and Pollution) by adding Sections 557 through 563 and changing and adding definitions to Section 599.

DDOE initially proposed rule to establish a Stormwater Fee Discount Program in the D.C. Register at 58 DCR 6428 (July 29, 2011). In response to comments, DDOE made substantial changes to the rule and proposed them for a second public review and comment period in the D.C. Register at 59 DCR 11569 (Oct. 5, 2012). For the second proposed rule, DDOE extended the comment period, upon request, until November 19, 2012 (59 DCR 12895 (Nov. 9, 2012)).


Questions about these regulations, or the rulemaking process that established Stormwater Fee Discount Program, should be directed to riversmart.rewards@dc.gov or call 202-535-2679.