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Weed Warriors Training

Please carefully review the reading materials in the following modules in order to prepare for the DC CWMA Weed Warriors Online Test. A variety of invasive plant topics as well as volunteer and data management information will be provided below. After completing the training, please email Program Coordinator, Laura Washington, to receive the link for the online test.

  • Introduction to Non-Native Invasives
    Includes an: (1) overview of NNI’s and (2) characteristics of NNI’s.
    Read more>>
  • Impacts of NNI’s
    Includes an overview of how NNI’s impact wildlife, agriculture and the economy. Read more>>
  • Control Methods
    Includes an overview of various control methods and allowed weed warrior removal methods. Read More>>
  • Main Plant Invaders in the District
    Includes an overview of main invasives in four different areas (a) herbaceous plants (b) herbs, (c) trees and (vines).  Read more>>
  • Basic Volunteer Training
    Includes an overview of volunteer requirements, safety and data reporting. Read more>>
  • Additional ResourcesInvasives
    - Mid-Atlantic Plant Invaders
    - Glossary
  • Weed Warriors Test
    When you have reviewed all the above modules, click here for the weed warriors online test. Read more>>