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Private Building Benchmarking Disclosure 2011-2012

Monday, February 24, 2014

DDOE is required by the Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008 to publicly disclose the ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking results for each privately owned building that is subject to the benchmarking law, beginning with the 2nd year of benchmarking data for that building. Because larger buildings reported more than one year of data in 2013, DDOE is required to move forward with public disclosure.

On February 24, 2014, the District of Columbia published the first set of the energy and water benchmarking data from buildings that are subject to public disclosure.  The District is the first jurisdiction in the country that required private buildings to measure their energy performance and the second (after New York City) to publicly disclose benchmarking data from private buildings. Read the DDOE press release.

For summary analysis of the 2012 and earier benchmarking data, please see pages 26-34 of DDOE’s Green Building Report for 2012, which was published on January 31, 2014.

2012 energy and water benchmarking data is being disclosed for privately owned buildings over 150,000 gross square feet that also reported 2011 data. The 2012 data set includes self-reported energy and water data from 490 buildings, covering over 170 million gross square feet.

2011 energy benchmarking data is also being disclosed for privately owned buildings over 200,000 gross square feet that also reported 2010 data. The 2011 data set includes self-reported energy data from 344 buildings, covering over 140 million gross square feet. Water benchmarking was not required for submissions for calendar year 2011.

A glossary defining all the fields in the data sets is also provided.

A Note About Partial Multifamily Building Data: In 2013, DDOE allowed multifamily building owners to only benchmark using meters they had access to, such as only benchmarking the common areas. Building owners were instructed to indicate their metering configuration when submitting partial building data. In cases where a partial metering configuration was reported, DDOE has separated out those buildings onto a separate tab. However, many buildings did not indicate a metering configuration. Some of the multifamily buildings in the main tabs may also only reflect partial energy data. All other building types were required to report whole building data.