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Anacostia River 2032 Update

The Anacostia River watershed covers portions of the District of Columbia, Prince George's and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. The watershed is approximately 176 square miles in area and roughly 25% of its land area lies in the District. The 9-mile river is entirely tidal in the District, while the upstream land area in Maryland is primarily non-tidal. The Anacostia River, once a pristine river, is now degraded mainly due to its highly urbanized character. The river is the focus of large-scale restoration efforts undertaken by District Government. The projects listed are being done collaboratively with the government and private entities to restore the quality of the river. These environmental activities are part of the District’s Sustainable Plan, initiated by Mayor Gray for achieving swimmable and fishable goals for the Anacostia River by 2032.

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Projects at a Glance:

1 - Nash Run (Aqua) - In order to meet the sediment and trash total maximum daily loads (TMDLs), DDOE is designing a trash trap to be installed just downstream of I-295 and planning a 1,400 ft. stream restoration project that will extend from I-295 to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.  The projects will improve stream and wetland habitat as well as improve the aesthetics of this stream.  The project is currently being permitted and is scheduled to start construction in Oct. 2014.

2 - Kenilworth (Yellow) - In March 2013, NPS issued a proposed plan for the cleanup of the site for public review.  Based on the District and public comments on the proposed cleanup plan, NPS determined it was necessary to collect additional data to supplement the groundwater data collected in 2007 and 2008. In Nov. 2013, NPS submitted the Kenilworth Park Landfill Site Draft Supplemental Groundwater Study Sampling and Analysis Plan for DDOE and EPA review. Currently, NPS is conducting the groundwater investigation.  Based on the results of this additional groundwater investigation, NPS will formally select the cleanup action for the site.

3 - Watts Branch (Black) - DDOE has used grant and capital funds to restore 1.7 miles of stream from Minn. Ave to Southern Ave.  The project was completed in 2012 and includes two trash traps.

4 - Hickey Run (Blue) - With the USDA Arboretum, DDOE installed a BMP to capture oil, grease and trash at the outfall at NY Ave.   The project is being maintained by DDOE.

5 - Springhouse Run (Orange) - DDOE is currently working with the USDA to restore this tributary to Hickey Run and will create one acre of wetland. A 1,600 foot restoration at the National Arboretum, including wetlands is being permitted now and is scheduled to start construction in Oct. 2014.

6 - PEPCO (Red) - Pepco and DDOE negotiated a Consent Decree in Jan. 2011. The Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Work plan was finalized and approved in Dec. 2012. To date, Pepco has completed the land side soil investigation and is currently undertaking an investigation of nearby river sediments.

7 - CSXT (Brown) - On February 1, 2011, DDOE and CSX Transportation signed a consent decree that requires CSXT to: 1) contribute $7.5 million to DDOE’s cleanup efforts at other sites on the Anacostia River; 2) pay a civil penalty of $500,000; 3) reimburse DDOE for future oversight costs; 4) conduct a site-wide investigation and natural resource damage assessment; and 5) clean up pollutants on or emanating from its Benning Road rail yard. A motion to enter the Consent Decree was filed on May 9, 2011. The Environmental Impact Screening Form (EISF) for the landside corrective action plan is currently under review by the District and remediation work is scheduled to begin in Apr. 2014. Also, CSX is currently conducting natural resource damage assessment.  

8 - Pope Branch (Yellow) - DDOE is partnering with DC Water to restore 0.8 miles of stream and create two acres of wetland. DC Water will also replace aging sewer lines adjacent to the stream. Project initiation dates to be determined by DC Water.

9 - Anacostia Marina (Pink) - In 2010, DDOT performed a limited cleanup in the area of the boathouse which was acquired from NPS in 2008.

10 - Washington Gas (Purple) - The 2010 consent decree requires Washington Gas to perform response actions at their former manufactured gas plant and adjacent property located on the Anacostia River near the 11th Street Bridge. Currently the “Final Draft” work plan deliverables are being reviewed by the National Park Service. Field activities are anticipated to begin in the first quarter of 2014.

11 - Navy Yard (Blue) - The Washington Navy Yard was placed on EPA’s National Priorities List in 1998 with concurrence by the District. The District, EPA and the Navy then entered into a Federal Facilities Agreement in 1999, under which Records of Decision (ROD) have been finalized for thirteen (13) sites at the facility. Remedial Investigations (RI) and/or Feasibility Studies (FS) are currently in progress at nine (9) sites with RODs expected within the next two years.

12 - Poplar Point (Green) - The District is performing an RI\FS at this site under the terms of an agreement signed in September 2008 by the District and the NPS. The parties are currently developing a work plan and related deliverables for the project. Various “Draft” deliverables are currently being drafted by the District and are under review by NPS. Upon further review and comment by NPS, these deliverables will be considered “Final.” Field activities related to the RI/FS are anticipated to begin in Apr. 2014.

13 - Southeast Federal Center (Dark-Green) -  Under a 1999 EPA Administrative Order, GSA completed a RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) of the facility. GSA made significant progress by voluntarily cleaning up several onsite areas.

14 - Anacostia River Sediment Project (White) - DDOE is the lead agency for this project and is performing an RI/FS for the sediments within the 9-mile tidal portion of the Anacostia River: to characterize the horizontal and vertical extent of contaminated sediments, to perform human health and ecological risks to human health and environment, and to use data to support an NRDA process. The bathymetric survey was completed in Nov. 2013 and the draft report was presented in Jan. 2014 for internal review.  The draft work plan was prepared and posted on the DDOE web site on Jan 29, 2014 for Stakeholders and Public review and comments. Field investigation activities are scheduled to begin in late May 2014.

15 - Pope Branch Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (Black) - The project consists of an innovative, engineered system of stepped weirs and pools, with materials appropriate for stream habitat, in Fall 2011 to address water quality and erosion issues along Pope Branch, a tributary to the Anacostia River.

16. - Texas Avenue watershed restoration (color tba) - DDOE received a grant from NFWF to restore a highly eroded section of stream (known as Alger Park).  Additionally, DDOE is working with DDOT to implement roadway retrofits that will help address uncontrolled stormwater flows.   DDOE will implement expanded RiverSmart Homes implementation in the watershed to control runoff from single family homes. This project is currently in the design phase.