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Recreational Angling Records Program

Records Submission Instructions

I. To enter a catch for consideration as a District record please follow these instructions.

  1. Preserve your catch by keeping it alive or packing it in ice.
  2. Call DDOE at (202) 306-7373 and arrange a time to weigh your catch.
  3. Prior to the weigh-in please complete the Records Intake Form (attached below).
  4. Submit the form to [email protected] prior to the weigh-in or in person at the weigh-in.

II. To enter a catch via photo for consideration to receive a District angling certificate please follow these instructions.

  1. Anglers may submit a photo entry to receive a certificate provided that a full length photo of the fish next to a standard United States measuring instrument is submitted to DDOE.
  2. The photo shall not be altered in any way.
  3. Please submit photos via email to [email protected] and [email protected].

Current District Records:

Species Common Name Species Scientific Name Weight (lbs.)
AlewifeX Alosa pseudoharengus XXX
American Eel# Anguilla  rostrata Vacant
American ShadX Alosa  sapidissima XXX
Atlantic SturgeonX Acipenser  oxyrhinchus XXX
Black Crappie# Pomoxis  nigromaculatus 1.35
Blue Catfish+ Ictalurus  furcatus Vacant
Blueback HerringX Alosa  aestivalis XXX
Bluegill+ Lepomis  macrochirus Vacant
Brook Trout Salvelinus fontinalis Vacant
Brown Bullhead# Ameiurus  nebulosus Vacant
Brown Trout Salmo  trutta Vacant
Chain PickerelX Esox  reticulatus XXX
Channel Catfish# Ictalurus  punctatus 7.5 (Youth Angling Division)
Common Carp+ Cyprinus  carpio Vacant
Gizzard Shad+ Dorosoma  cepedianum Vacant
Golden Redhorse+ Moxostoma  erythrurum Vacant
Green Sunfish+ Lepomis  cyanellus Vacant
Hickory ShadX Alosa mediocris XXX
Lamprey+ Petromyzon  marinus Vacant
Largemouth Bass# Micropterus salmoides Vacant
Longear Sunfish+ Lepomis megalotis Vacant
Longnose Gar+ Lepisosteus osseus Vacant
Muskellunge# Esox masquinongy Vacant
Northern Snakehead+ Channa  argus Vacant
Pumpkinseed+ Lepomis gibbosus Vacant
Quillback Carpsucker+ Carpiodes  cyprinus Vacant
Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Vacant
Redbreast Sunfish+ Lepomis  auritus Vacant
Redear Sunfish+ Lepomis  microlophus Vacant
Rock Bass+ Ambloplites  rupestris Vacant
Shortnose SturgeonX Acipenser  brevirostrum XXX
Smallmouth Bass# Micropterus  dolomieui Vacant
Striped Bass@ Morone  saxatilis Vacant
Walleye# Sander  vitreus Vacant
White Catfish# Ictalurus  catus Vacant
White Crappie# Proximus  annularis Vacant
White Perch# Morone  americana Vacant
White Sucker+ Catostomus commersonii Vacant
Yellow Bullhead# Ameiurus  natalis Vacant
Yellow Perch# Perca  flavescens Vacant


#     -    Open season with restrictions. Please consult the District fishing guide.
X     -    Moratorium. Species is ineligible for record retention.
+     -    Open season without restrictions.
^     -    All lengths shall be considered unofficial.
@    -    Size and season restrictions. Please consult the District fishing guide.

Please read the Recreational Angling Records - Official Rules (attached below).