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Pet Waste Complaints

District residents experiencing pet waste issues in their communities can submit a complaint to the DOEE using this form. Pet waste complaints help guide the implementation of initiatives that address pet waste issues, including the placement of “scoop the poop” street signs, enforcement of relevant laws, and policy development.

Pet waste signs are hung in large batches approximately twice per year. Filing a complaint using this form is the best way to ensure that an area is considered for new signs. DOEE and DDOT determine final sign locations. Filing a complaint does not guarantee the placement of new signs.

Submitter Name

Submitter Address

Submitter Phone

Submitter Email

Address of Pet Waste Issue

Date Observed (MM-DD-YYYY)

Time Observed

Public or Private Property?

Ongoing Issue?

Address of pet owner, if known


  • Effective June 20, 2016, new “Scoop Your Poop” signs are only placed at locations that are more than a quarter mile from existing scoop your poop signs.
  • DOEE accepts suggestion for new sign locations using this form, but does not guarantee placement of signs. New signs are only posted on existing sign, light, and utility poles. Neighborhoods that have no existing “Scoop your Poop” signs are given priority status.
  • If a resident would like a sign for their property, they can purchase generic scoop your poop signs or print from the document attachment below. Tips for how to waterproof the printed sign are posted below. These signs should only be posted on private property with consent from the homeowner or management company.
    • Residents can waterproof the sign any of a number of ways including:
      • Place it in a plastic or vinyl sleeve or envelope,
      • Have it laminated, or
      • Have it printed as a plastic or canvas sign.