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RiverSmart Homes - Overview

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RiverSmart Homes

This District-wide program offers incentives to homeowners interested in reducing stormwater runoff from their properties. Homeowners receive a free stormwater audit, which determines their eligibility for subsidies to adopt one or more of the following landscape enhancements:

  • Rain Barrels – DOEE will install rain barrels for a $50 or $70 copayment per rain barrel (limit two rain barrels per property)
  • Rain Gardens – DOEE will install a rain garden for a copayment of $75 per 50 square foot rain garden (limit two per property)
  • BayScaping – DOEE will plant a native plant garden (BayScaping) for a $100 copayment per 120 square foot BayScape (limit two per property)
  • Permeable Pavers and/or Re-Vegetation – DOEE will reimburse homeowners for removing impervious surface and replacing it with permeable pavers for a $10 per square foot rebate or vegetation for a $5 per square foot rebate
  • Shade Tree Planting – DOEE plants trees for free (there is no copayment and no limit on # of trees per property)

How to Become a RiverSmart Homeowner

Schedule a time for DOEE to come out to your property to perform an analysis of what changes you can make to reduce stormwater runoff.

Benefits of RiverSmart Homes to the Homeowner

RiverSmart Homes landscaping enhancements can provide numerous benefits to homeowners, such as:

  • Beautifully landscaped properties
  • Cost savings on water, electricity and maintenance
  • Reduced heating and cooling bills

Benefits of RiverSmart Homes to the District

New development and large renovations of properties in the District are required to have items that reduce stormwater runoff. Unfortunately, most of the District was built before modern methods for controlling and treating stormwater were developed. Chances are you do not have any stormwater control measures on your property.

RiverSmart Homes provides incentives to beautify your property and benefit the District’s environment by:

  • Treating and infiltrating stormwater on site helping to recharge groundwater levels
  • Diminishing the impact on aquatic life from polluted stormwater rushing to local streams during storm events
  • Stabilizing soils, helping to prevent erosion
  • Minimizing the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional landscaping
  • Providing increased habitat for native wildlife
  • Reducing air pollution and the urban heat island effect

Want to Reduce Stormwater Runoff From Your Yard?  RiverSmart Homes Can Help.

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