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Green Zone Environmental Program GZEP


Green Pathways - SummerAre you a high school senior, college student, recent graduate, or young adult interested in a short-term or summer job working with youth and the environment?

If so, next spring you can apply to be a team leader, site manager, ward manager, warehouse supervisor, or administrative support specialist for DOEE’s Green Zone Environmental Program (GZEP).

Every summer, GZEP partners with the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program to provide over 300 youth and young adults, ages 14 to 24, with an opportunity to learn about energy and environmental issues, complete community-based environmental work projects such as rain gardens and storm drain markers, and prepare for careers.  Being a GZEP staff member is a great opportunity to work with District youth and gain valuable leadership experience.

Position Description Minimum Commitment  Pay  Apply - Details
Team Leader
(35 openings)

Work with a team, provide day-to-day supervision of youth ages 14-24. 35 hrs per week $11/ hour Opening Spring 2016
Site Manager
(8 openings)

Implement daily schedule and provide day-to-day supervision for team leaders and up to 50 youth ages 14-24. 40 hrs per week $13/ hour Opening Spring 2016
Administrative Assistant/Payroll Specialist
(2 openings)
Tracks and files weekly payroll for GZEP participants and staff and provides office and administrative support for the GZEP program. 35 hrs per week $13/ hour Opening Spring 2016
Warehouse Manager
(1 opening)
Coordinate with Ward and Site Managers and Central Office staff to deliver supplies and support day-to-day logistics. 35 hrs per week $13/ hour Opening Spring 2016
Administrative Assistant to the Program Coordinator
(1 opening)
Assists the GZEP Program Coordinator in executing day-to-day logistics, purchasing, planning and coordination. 35 hrs per week $15/ hour Opening Spring 2016
Ward Manager
(2 openings)
Oversee site managers and the day-to-day operations of site. Work with central office to implement GZEP. 40 hrs per week $15/ hour Opening Spring 2016

Kevin NewmanSpotlight: Kevin now works as a contractor in DOEE’s Central Records Office, but he got his start in GZEP!
“As Procurement/Warehouse/Ward Manager, I was able to travel throughout the wards and witness some of our most promising youth work on projects that would make a difference in the lives of those who reside in the District.”



For More Information

DOEE - Office of Human Resources
Green Zone Environmental Program (
1200 First Street NE, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20002

(202) 535-2600 or (202) 481-3843 |  green.zone@dc.gov
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