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Clean Water Construction Grant Program

The mission of the District of Columbia’s Clean Water Construction (CWC) program is to fund the design and construction of voluntary projects that provide clean water to District streams and rivers. Projects are selected for funding using the process described by the District of Columbia Project Priority Rating System (PPRS), available for download below.

The program receives funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Clean Water State Revolving Fund for up to 80% of a project. Project applicants must provide 20% of their project’s costs using any non-federal funding source. This local match may come from any non-federal funding source.

DOEE funds four categories of work: Stormwater Green Infrastructure Projects, Stormwater Grey Infrastructure Projects, Sewage Infrastructure Projects, and Emerging Contaminants Infrastructure Projects. Project partners manage these projects from planning to completion of construction. CWC staff support their efforts by ensuring that project activities are performed in compliance with federal regulations and achieve CWC programmatic goals.

Learn more about Clean Water Construction

A condensed program summary is available. Use the following links as a resource and for guidance on how to apply for CWC funds and how to comply with federal contracting and construction requirements for CWC projects. All documents referenced within these pages are available for download at the bottom of each page, and from the “Referenced Documents and Websites” page:

CWC Program Contacts

Jeff Oser, Environmental Protection Specialist
Email: [email protected]   |   Phone: (202) 727-8705

Raymond Nuesch, Environmental Protection Specialist
Email: [email protected]   |   Phone: (202) 578-1674

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