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Clean Water Construction Grant Program - Funded Projects

Green Alley off 18th Place NE, during and after construction<< Back to Clean Water Construction Grant Program main page  

CWC Project Sites

To date, the CWC Program has directed funding to 40 projects for the implementation of 6 green roofs; 31 roadway retrofits, including 9 watershed-wide sites; 34 schoolyard and parkland green infrastructure (GI) retrofits; 6 grey infrastructure pollution prevention upgrades; 9 stream and outfall restoration projects; 11 cutting-edge nutrient removal facilities at Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant and 6 other sewage infrastructure projects. Additionally, 4 projects are citywide. Projects are displayed in the interactive map and table below.

Click on the double arrow at the top of the map to view the legend. Click on any point to read about the project.

  Funded Projects: Green & Grey Infrastructure

Project Title

Grant + Local Match Amount

Project Site(s)

Green Infrastructure: Green Roofs

Green Roofs


RiverSmart Homes



Green Infrastructure: Roadway Retrofits

19th Street Green Streets


19th Street NW

Alger Park Upland LIDs


  Broad Branch and Spring Valley Green Infrastructure Right of Way Retrofit   $500,000
  Citywide Low Impact Development Demonstration Projects within the Right of Way   $250,000   Citywide

Dix Street Green Infrastructure Project


Dix Street NE

Green Alleys


Green Infrastructure Enhancements (Tree Planting in Public Space) & Impervious Surface Removal



Green Infrastructure Right of Way Retrofit


Klingle Trail Watershed Green Streets


Klingle Trail Subwatershed

Low Impact Development Retrofits in the Public Right of Way


  Multiple Purpose Green Infrastructure   $1,200,000

Oregon Avenue Watershed Green Streets


Oregon Avenue Subwatershed

Oxon Run Green Streets


Oxon Run Trail

Green Infrastructure: School/Parkland Retrofit

Schoolyard and Parkland Stormwater Retrofits


RiverSmart Schools


Green Infrastructure: Stream/Outfall Restoration

Alger Park Stream Restoration


Alger Park Stream

Broad Branch Stream Restoration


Broad Branch Stream

District Stormwater Outfall Restoration


Nash Run Stream Restoration


Nash Run Stream

  Oxon Run Stream Restoration   $3,350,000   Oxon Run Stream

Grey Infrastructure: Pollution Prevention

  Pollution Solutions at Municipal Critical Source Facilities  $10,430,654

Trash Transfer Station Improvements


Total Funding for Green & Grey Infrastructure Projects 2011-2022




  Funded Projects: Sewage Infrastructure

  Project Title

Grant + Local Match Amount


Additional Chemical Systems


Nutrient Removal

Additional Dewatering Facilities


Nutrient Removal

Anacostia Combined Sewer Separation


Sewer Upgrade

Area Substation Upgrades


Nutrient Removal & Resource/Energy Efficiency

Biological Sludge Thickening Facility Rehabilitation


Nutrient Removal

Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Facilities


Nutrient Removal

Filtration and Disinfection Facility Upgrades


Nutrient Removal & Resource/Energy Efficiency

Filtration Treatment Facility Upgrade


Nutrient Removal & Resource/Energy Efficiency

Gravity Thickener Upgrades Project


Nutrient Removal

Influent Screen Facilities & Grit Chamber Facility Upgrade


Pollution Prevention (Removal of Solids from Overflow)

Nitrification/Denitrification Facilities Upgrades


Nutrient Removal

Raw Wastewater Pump Station Upgrades


Nutrient Removal & Resource/Energy Efficiency

Rock Creek Combined Sewer Separation


Sewer Upgrade

Secondary Treatment Facilities Upgrade


Nutrient Removal

Sewer Rehabilitations


Sewer Rehabilitation

Tide Gate Improvements


Flood Control

Watts Branch Sewer Rehabilitation


Sewer Rehabilitation

Total Federal Funding for Sewage Infrastructure Projects 2007-2022



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