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Get Certified as a Pesticide Applicator

The certification program of the Toxic Substance Division is responsible for developing, updating, and administering examinations to qualified applicants for certification as pesticide applicators in The District of Columbia. Review the certification process in the District of Columbia. Upon certification, applicators are licensed and issued a customer friendly certified applicator identification card. This program is further responsible for approving educational programs for re-certification of pesticide applicators.

Forms Compliance Monitoring

The enforcement program of the Toxic Substance Division is responsible for regulating worker protection, ensuring compliance of both District and federal laws, and inspecting of workplaces, worksites, and retail establishments within the District of Columbia that sell, store, or use pesticides.

Inspections are conducted with retailers, wholesalers, and distributors for pesticide products not registered in the District or with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pesticides suspected of being shipped or distributed in violation of the District Pesticide Operations Act, pesticides displayed for sale in a manner to endanger human health, and for pesticides that have been suspended or cancelled by the EPA.

Useful Links and Information

If you have questions concerning:

  • Will pesticide applied to lawns contaminate well water?
  • How long should I keep my child off the lawn after a weed application?
  • How long will it take a pesticide to breakdown in the soil?
  • Is mosquito spraying harmful to butterflies and birds?
  • Where can I obtain general pesticide information?
  • You can obtain answers to these questions by going to the National Pesticide Information┬áCenter.

District of Columbia Pesticides Regulations and Fines

The documents at this link are "unofficial" because only the Office of Documents and Administrative Issuances (ODAI) has the legal right to publish Title 20 DCMR - Pesticide Regulations. Should you wish to obtain an original version of 20 DCMR 22-25, contact ODAI at (202) 727-5090.

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