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Richard Jackson - Director


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Richard Jackson is the Director of the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE). He provides strategic guidance and leadership to a workforce of more than 450 environmental professionals and oversees the daily operations of five administrations that work collaboratively to protect the environment and conserve natural resources in the District of Columbia. 

Mr. Jackson joined DOEE in 2008 as a hazardous waste inspector in the Environmental Services Administration (ESA).  He advanced quickly, assuming increasing levels of responsibility within the agency.  Prior to his appointment as interim director, he served as senior deputy director -- the second in command at DOEE.  In this capacity, and working closely with then Director Tommy Wells, he was instrumental in coordinating the agency’s operations, including the development and implementation of regulations, procedures, and budget to ensure progress toward its strategic plans and objectives.  

Mr. Jackson is established in the chemical and environmental engineering industry. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, he has successfully led teams to solve a wide range of environmental issues.  He has extensive experience in hazardous waste management, chemical production and processing, nuclear power plant maintenance, occupational safety, research development, and quality assurance auditing.

Earlier in his tenure, he served as deputy director of Environmental Services Administration (ESA), successfully building and administering several important programs and divisions critical to the agency’s mission.  Notably, he established the Rail Safety and Emergency Response Division (RSERD) to ensure that District residents and railroad employees are protected from unsafe practices on freight and passenger railroads by enforcing state and federal rail safety rules, regulations, and inspection efforts..  He provided oversight on the creation, implementation, and the drafting of regulations for the District of Columbia’s Indoor Mold Inspection and Compliance Program.   He also managed the Site Remediation and Response Program, which directs, performs , and assists the federal government with investigations and cleanups of contaminated District land. As Associate Director of the Toxic Substances Division, he led the largest and most complex river remediation project in the District --The Anacostia River Sediment Remediation Project (ARSP) -- a major step towards creating a cleaner, swimmable, fishable Anacostia River. 

Mr. Jackson spent 21 years with the U.S. Navy as a nuclear submariner operating nuclear reactors, power generation and propulsion systems, and maintaining weapons systems. He is a proud U.S. veteran.

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