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Senior Leadership Team

Meet DOEE's Senior Leadership Team!

Richard Jackson, Director

Michael Somersall, Interim Senior Deputy Director

  • Michael Somersall is the Senior Deputy Director of DOEE. Read More>>

Daniel Conner, Chief of Staff

  • Daniel Conner is the Chief of Staff of the Department of Energy and Environment. Read More>>

Christopher Brown, Associate Director

  • Christopher Brown is the Associate Director of the Office of Communications, Engagement and Outreach. Read More>>

Energy Administration
Nick Burger, Deputy Director

  • Nick Burger is the Deputy Director of the Energy Administration. Read More>>

Environmental Services Administration
Collin Burrell, Deputy Director

  • Collin Burrell currently serves as Deputy Director for the Environmental Services Administration (ESA), Read More>>

General Counsel
David Dickman

  • David Dickman is an attorney experienced with the federal and District governments, and in the private sector. Read More>>

Human Resources
Lauren Maxwell, Associate Director

  • Lauren Maxwell is the Associate Director of the Human Resources Division. Read More>>

Natural Resources Administration
Jeffrey Seltzer, Deputy Director

  • Jeffrey Seltzer is the Deputy Director for the Natural Resources Administration. Read More>>

Operations Services Administration
Jean Mitchell, Deputy Director

  • Jean Mitchell is the Deputy Director of the Operations Services Administration (OSA) at DOEE. Read More>>

Urban Sustainability Administration
Maribeth DeLorenzo, Deputy Director

  • Maribeth De Lorenzo serves as Deputy Director, responsible for DOEE’s Urban Sustainability Administration. Read More>>

Utility Affordability Administration
Danielle Wright, Deputy Director