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OCTO is aware of the global issue with CrowdStrike’s update impacting Windows servers and computers. CrowdStrike has identified the issue and a fix. We are supporting District agencies to ensure operations continue. At this time, District operations are not experiencing major impacts.


Senior Leadership Team

Meet DOEE's Senior Leadership Team!

Richard Jackson, Director

Michael Somersall, Interim Senior Deputy Director

  • Michael Somersall is the Senior Deputy Director of DOEE. Read More>>

Daniel Conner, Chief of Staff

  • Daniel Conner is the Chief of Staff of the Department of Energy and Environment. Read More>>


Christopher Brown, Associate Director

  • Christopher Brown is the Associate Director of the Office of Communications, Engagement and Outreach. Read More>>

Energy Administration

Nick Burger, Deputy Director

  • Nick Burger is the Deputy Director of the Energy Administration. Read More>>

Environmental Services Administration

Collin Burrell, Deputy Director

  • Collin Burrell currently serves as Deputy Director for the Environmental Services Administration (ESA), Read More>>

General Counsel

David Dickman

  • David Dickman is an attorney experienced with the federal and District governments, and in the private sector. Read More>>

Human Resources

Lauren Maxwell, Associate Director

  • Lauren Maxwell is the Associate Director of the Human Resources Division. Read More>>

Natural Resources Administration

Jeffrey Seltzer, Deputy Director

  • Jeffrey Seltzer is the Deputy Director for the Natural Resources Administration. Read More>>

Operations Services Administration

Jean Mitchell, Deputy Director

  • Jean Mitchell is the Deputy Director of the Operations Services Administration (OSA) at DOEE. Read More>>

Urban Sustainability Administration

Maribeth DeLorenzo, Deputy Director

  • Maribeth De Lorenzo serves as Deputy Director, responsible for DOEE’s Urban Sustainability Administration. Read More>>

Utility Affordability Administration

Danielle Wright, Deputy Director