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The Smart Choice

Set aside for a moment the potential money-saving and health benefits associated with Green Power. Also, set aside the competitive edge your business will gain from using Green Power. Green Power is clean energy. It is electricity generated from environmentally-preferable renewable resources such as wind, solar, low-impact biomass, geothermal, and low-impact hydro resources. The fact is Green Power is good for you, your community, your bottom line, and the environment.

We Did It!  You Should Too!

The District and Federal Governments, as well as thousands of local households and hundreds of businesses are already using green power. Join us!

Local Green Power Partners include:

  • Ben's Chili Bowl
  • British Embassy
  • DowntownDC Business Improvement District
  • Flow Yoga
  • Gallaudet University
  • Hyatt Regency Washington
  • Landis Construction
  • National Geographic Society
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

See the full list of EPA Green Power Partners [PDF]

Buy Green Power - Signing Up is Easy!

Step 1: Select an offer from one of the green power providers listed below.

Step 2: Become an EPA Green Power Partner to ensure your purchase counts toward's DC's goal. (Non-residential customers only.)  

Residential Customers

Non-Residential Customers

National Green Power Suppliers

New Green Power Suppliers:

Keep DC the Nation's #1 Green Power Purchaser!

The competition remains fierce! We lead the country in the EPA’s Green Power Community Challenge, but other cities are gaining on us. In the summer of 2011, Mayor Gray challenged District residents and businesses to increase our green power purchases 33%. Collectively, we’ve met that challenge. As of April 21, 2014 Washington, DC retains our position as the nation's #1 Green Power Community, with over 1 billion kilowatt hours of clean energy purchases comprising 12% of all electricity sold in the city. Help us maintain that momentum, on the way to our 50% renewable energy goal by 2032!

We All Benefit:

Every resident, business, and institution choosing green power helps to clean our air, supports renewable energy, and creates jobs in the new clean energy economy. Make the switch to clean energy by selecting a green power provider by August 31, 2011. Non-residential customers are also encouraged to sign-up with the EPA Green Power Partnership to help us meet our goal.

Learn more about the EPA Green Power Partnership.

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