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Environmental Data & Maps

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The District offers a vast amount of environmental data for interested researchers and residents to access.

  • DOEE Enforcement Dashboard: Use this map to learn about Notices of Infraction issued by DOEE to enforce environmental laws and regulations.
  • Climate Change - Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: To lead by example, and to capitalize on the many benefits of energy efficiency and climate protection, the District government is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory: A city wide Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions found that buildings are responsible for 74% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the District.
  • Energy Benchmarking Results: Energy benchmarking means tracking a building’s energy and water use and using a standard metric to compare the building’s performance against past performance and to its peers nationwide.
  • Total Maximum Daily Loads - TMDLs:  EPA requires DC to calculate the maximum amount of a pollutant that its water bodies can receive and still meet water quality standards.
  • DOEE's Water Quality Data: All of DOEE's water quality data dating from 2000. Source data is from DOEE's ambient monitoring program, stream and habitat assessments, fish tissue studies, citizen science initiatives, MS4 wet weather discharge monitoring, and stream restoration monitoring.

Environmental Maps

DOEE offers several environmentally related maps as helpful resources. Read More>>

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