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Pepco Benning Road Facility Plans and Deliverables

Pepco Benning Road Facility Plans and Deliverables


In January 2011, Pepco and DOEE signed a Consent Decree that detailed Pepco's agreement to evaluate environmental conditions at the Benning Service Center site and adjacent portions of the Anacostia River. Pepco will perform this evaluation (known as a "Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study"), with DOEE's oversight. The first part of the evaluation will investigate conditions at the Site and adjacent shoreline areas and river sediments to determine if historical operations at the site have contributed to contamination of river sediments, and to assess any impacts to human health and the environment from existing conditions at the site and adjacent portions of the river. The final phase of the evaluation will identify options for addressing contamination within the study area for consideration by DOEE.

Administrative Record File

The administrative record file provides public access to Pepco Benning Road Facility RI/FS Project documents. The link below contains:
Public comments and documents that demonstrate the public’s opportunity to participate in and comment on the Documents that may be considered in ultimately selecting a remedy for the Pepco’s RI/FS Study Area. To utilize the administrative record file, please open the index file within the link below, which provides a list of all documents and their respective locations within folders.

- Administrative Record File