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Hickey Run - The Bad

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Hickey Run faces many challenges. Thirty-six percent of the watershed is covered with impervious surfaces, which means rainwater is cannot soak into the ground naturally. This results in large volumes of water running into the stream, carrying trash and oil and chemicals with it. Furthermore, every stream and tributary north of New York Avenue is piped underground.  The land use of the watershed is as follows:

  • 40% is manufacturing/industrial
  • 40% is medium density residential
  • 20% is natural cover

Hickey Run the BadHickey Run the Bad
From Left to Right:
- The volume and velocity of rain water during storm events  erodes the stream banks (6ft DOEE employee in picture to give context)
- Erosion causes trees to fall in the water and blocks the natural flow of the stream. Also, all types of liter get washed into the storm drains nearby and enter Hickey Run.
- A massive filter was installed in 2010 where the storm drain meets the stream to prevent trash and oil from reaching the stream.

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