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Wetland Mapping and Registry

DOEE’s Wetland Mapping Project is an immense boots-on-the-ground effort to:

  • map and assess the condition and functions of the wetlands in the District,
  • map and assess the condition of unmapped streams in the District,
  • search for potential wetland creation sites,
  • investigate existing wetlands that could benefit from restoration and enhancement,
  • update the District’s Wetland Conservation Plan,
  • compile all of the data collected in the field into a publicly available geodatabase, called the Wetland Registry (read more below).

The Wetland Mapping Project will not replace the need for site-specific wetland delineations for land-use planning, development, or any other activities that may require a permit or environmental impact statement.

All potential wetland creation, enhancement, and restoration sites identified through the Wetland Mapping Project are evaluated solely on the basis of ecological parameters and do not ensure that a project may be undertaken on any particular site. Many factors need to be investigated before initiating a wetland creation, enhancement, or restoration project including, but not limited to:

  • property owner permission,
  • the presence of endangered, threatened, or rare species, and
  • historic or archaeological sites.

If you received a letter  about wetlands on your property and would like more information, view Frequently Asked Questions.

To view a copy of the letter sent to private land owners, view Wetland Mapping Stakeholder Letter.

The Wetland Registry

The District’s Wetland Registry will allow any member of the public, such as environmental groups, development groups, and DOEE staff to:

  • identify potential restoration, enhancement, and creation projects,
  • identify possible wetland mitigation sites,
  • have an initial idea if wetlands are present for land-planning purposes, and
  • protect our existing wetlands.

For more information about wetlands in District, view the Wetlands in the District  page.