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Mold Information for Home Owners

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Private home owners do not necessarily need to hire a DOEE-licensed mold professional to inspect and/or remove mold if the home is only occupied by the owner (no tenants). In these situations, the Department recommends consulting DOEE’s Guidance Document to assess and remediate mold conditions that cover a surface below ten square feet. For areas over ten square feet, the Department requires a DOEE-licensed mold assessor or remediator when removing mold in multi-family dwellings and may be a good decision to follow suit for homeowners. View a list of mold professionals.

The best way to prevent mold growth is to control moisture indoors. However, where mold has already grown, it is important to take precautions to protect human health. DOEE published the final version of the District's Mold Assessment and Remediation Regulations, which established a licensing program for mold assessment and remediation professionals. DOEE recommends that DC homeowners choose a DOEE-licensed mold professional to address mold concerns in the home.

There are two main points in the mold regulations that home owners, who hire a DC DOEE-licensed mold professional, should know.

  1. No person holding themselves out as a mold professional may assess or remediate mold without the corresponding license from the DOEE. To be considered for a license, an individual must meet several requirements, including passing a DOEE-approved exam. Each license is valid for 2 years.
  2. All licensed mold professionals must notify DOEE of all projects in accordance with the regulations and follow performance standards and work practices required by the regulations. More information about the requirements mold professionals must adhere to can be found in the Licensing section below.

Home owners must hire a DOEE-licensed mold professional when the home is occupied by a tenant and mold contamination covers more than ten square feet of a surface. In situations that include mold contamination below ten square feet, individuals must follow the DOEE’s Guidance Document to assess and remediate mold conditions.

Many federal agencies have information about mold and mold remediation. An abbreviated list can be found below:

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