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Bat Reporting and How to Help

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Reporting Bats

Have bats or know where bats spend their days? Let us know! If you see bats flying through your neighborhood on summer nights, try to find their roost nearby first, then report your find to the Department of Energy and Environment, Fisheries and Wildlife Division.

To report bats, call the DDOE, Fisheries and Wildlife Division at 202-535-2269.

Most District bat colonies in buildings are big brown bats, but smaller, rarer species may also be present. View a helpful chart created by Vermont Fish & Wildlife:

How to Help

What can I do to help the bats in the District?

You can report colonies of bats living in buildings to the District Bat Program at: 202-535-2296. You can also volunteer to monitor summer colonies by counting bats as they emerge from their roosts at sunset.

If you have bats near your home, you can purchase or build a bat box. Suitable and protected summer artificial roost sites can provide female bats with safe places to raise their pups. Especially in urban areas, such as Washington, D.C., it is becoming increasingly important to provide bats with roosting habitat as their natural habitat changes.

Does DOEE want to know about the bats living in my attic or barn?

Yes! If you find a bat colony (10 or more bats) at your residence, please report the colony to DOEE.

Contact Us:

Questions, comments, or inquiries can be directed to the District Bat Program at: 202-535-2296

Get Involved! Volunteer:

Join the Bat Spotters! Volunteers will be needed to adopt and monitor bat houses. Stay tuned!

Other Helpful Resources

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