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River Corps

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River Corps

The River Corps Program engages District residents, ages 18–24, through classroom education and field-based experiences to gain technical skills needed to install, inspect, and maintain Green Infrastructure, and learn critical skills to secure employment.

River Corps participants work on watershed protection activities involving the maintenance and inspection of recently completed stream restoration and green infrastructure (GI) projects. These projects provide trainees with entry-level skills in GI. This program is implemented by a grantee.

River CorpsProgram participants gain experience in the technical skills needed to install, inspect, and maintain GI, and learn the soft skills to seek, find, secure, and keep long-term employment. The Program provides industry-relevant certifications, OSHA 10-hour Construction Training, CPR training, and life-skills workshops to program participants.

Program activities include the following all located in the District of Columbia:

  • Rain garden/bioretention maintenance of up to 75 rain garden/bioretention sites
  • Plant up to one acre of native herbaceous plants and shrubs along streams
  • Removal of invasive plant species in 5 acres of parkland near streams or rivers
  • Removal of 500 pounds of litter along up to 11 streams and/or designated trash hot spots
  • Inspection and maintenance of RiverSmart Homes practices

SWG_2177 (002).jpgTrainees are paid a bi-weekly stipend of up to $750, average of 25/hours/week, with opportunities for additional incentives during a 5-month duration. RiverCorps recruits all year long with cohorts starting in February and August.

To learn more visit:

Anyone interested in applying to RiverCorps can do so via the online application or contact Gabrielle Millner at [email protected].

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