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Making the Case for Building Improvements: Tips for Residents

Sometimes the initiative to improve a building’s environmental performance comes from property management, and at other times it is kick-started by building residents.  Below are some tips for residents interested in initiating environmental improvement projects in their buildings.

  • Find like-minded residents to team up with. Consider setting up a “conservation committee” or “green team” to identify options and develop proposals for improving the building’s environmental performance.
  • Do the research. Collect data to make your case.  Estimate the costs and spell out the benefits of implementing the environmental practice.
  • Look for “low-hanging fruit.” When you’re first getting started, it may be easier to get buy-in from building management (or Board of Directors if you live in a condominium) to implement changes that do not have a large price tag, such as switching to high efficiency light bulbs in the common areas of the building.
  • Make your case in writing and include supporting evidence.
  • Identify grants and rebates available that can reduce the cost of the investment.
  • Educate other residents about the initiative.  Create signs, send emails, post on your building’s Facebook page, write articles for the building’s newsletter.