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Lead Clearance Checklist

Materials to help with a Clearance Examination Report (compliance assistance)

For dust sampling technicians, lead-based paint inspectors, lead risk assessors, business entities, property managers, and landlords who are required to conduct post-renovation or post-abatement clearance reports to ensure that the work site is free of lead hazards after lead renovation, lead interim control repairs, or lead abatement, or as part of a change in occupancy for a residential rental unit, these documents and instructions below outline the steps to be in compliance with DOEE lead regulations.

Step 1 – Choose the Checklist that best fits your situation

Step 2 – Conduct the clearance examination (use the checklist to assist with this)

In addition to using the checklists, you may also refer to the HUD Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-based Paint Hazards in Housing. Specific guidelines for clearance examinations can be found in Chapter 15.

Step 3 – Write and submit the clearance examination report

Submit a clearance examination to [email protected] upon project completion, referencing the permit number, administrative order number, or notice number (if applicable), and property address. If needed, use the DOEE Clearance Examination Report as a template or guide.

Step 4 – Tenant-occupied properties only: Provide a copy of the clearance examination report to the tenant.

Property owner shall provide the Clearance Receipt Acknowledgement Form to the tenant along with the report if the property is occupied by a tenant.

Contact DOEE at (202) 535-1934 for more information.

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