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OCTO is aware of the global issue with CrowdStrike’s update impacting Windows servers and computers. CrowdStrike has identified the issue and a fix. We are supporting District agencies to ensure operations continue. At this time, District operations are not experiencing major impacts.


Senior Leadership Team - Jean Mitchell

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Jean Mitchell, Deputy Director, Operations Services Administration

Jean Mitchell is the Deputy Director of the Operations Services Administration (OSA) at DOEE.

Jean has worked for the District government in various capacities for over 38 years.  Before DOEE, she worked as the Administrative Officer for the Department of Human Resources and as a Financial Manager for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

Jean manages the day-to-day administration and operations of DOEE. OSA provides operational support to improve DOEE’s internal processes, systems, and infrastructure. This administration oversees budgeting, grants management; contracting and procurement; property and fleet management; customer service; information technology; official training and travel; green economy, and telecommunications functions for the agency.

Jean has over 15 years of leadership and management experience.