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Kingman Rangers Program

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Kingman Rangers is a workforce development program that prepares disadvantaged District adults and youth for entry-level jobs in the green sector while helping to beautify, restore, and maintain Kingman and Heritage Islands.

Over the course of the program, DOEE's grantee, Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region (LC-NCR), employs 3 cohorts: full-time adult Rangers, seasonal adult Rangers, and seasonal student Rangers. All three cohorts are trained to conduct activities on Kingman and Heritage Islands that include:

  • Visitor engagement such as way-finding, guided walks, and rule enforcement,
  • Environmental restoration,
  • Development and maintenance of trailside features,
  • General trail and site maintenance, and
  • Environmental education for District students participating in island field trips and community groups.

LC-NCR’s Case Manager also provides job readiness trainings, helps participants seek and secure permanent employment, and refers Rangers to support services that provide transportation, housing, childcare, and more.

Full-Time Rangers are employed year-round, while seasonal adult Rangers and seasonal student Rangers are employed during the spring and summer months. All adult Rangers are recruited from District communities with high levels of unemployment. During recruitment, LC-NCR targets unemployed and harder-to employ young adults, including those without a high school diploma or GED and/or returning citizens seeking living wage opportunities that teach marketable skills. Student Rangers are recruited from Title I District of Columbia Public Schools, where 35% or more of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. All Rangers are paid a minimum wage rate.

For more information, please contact Kyaira Ware at [email protected] or visit Kingman Rangers — Living Classrooms Foundation.

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