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Green Building Fund Grant Program

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Launched in 2013, the Green Building Fund Grant Program supports innovative projects to “green” the built environment in the District. Grant projects focus on research, education, engagement, innovation, and implementation to help the District lead the way in enacting innovative policies that drive toward greater social, environmental, and economic sustainability for our city. New grant opportunities are available on a rolling basis and posted on the DOEE Grants page.

Current Grant Project

In December 2022, DOEE awarded $73,188 in Green Building Grant Funds to National Housing Trust (NHT) to support the development and deployment of a strategy to engage equitably with District residents about building electrification and decarbonization. Engagement will focus on what a fair all-electric and carbon-neutral future looks like to residents and what they need to get there, while also building the capacity of community-based organizations to bridge the gap between residents and future policy and program development. This will support DOEE’s development and implementation of a larger engagement strategy about electrification and decarbonization.

Completed Grant projects

Learn more about past DOEE Green Building Grant projects.