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RiverSmart Rewards Eligibility

DOEE will approve discounts for runoff-reducing green infrastructure such as green roofs, rain gardens, and permeable pavement. Eligible GI practices are identified by DOEE’s Stormwater Management Guidebook as stormwater retention Best Management Practices, or BMPs.

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Eligible District residents, businesses, and property owners must:

  • Be a current DC Water customer paying the Stormwater Fee and the Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge
  • Be current on all DC Water bill payments
  • Apply through DOEE

Eligible GI practices are those identified in DOEE’s Stormwater Management Guidebook as stormwater retention BMPs, including:

  • Green roofs
  • Rainwater harvesting (rain barrels, cisterns)
  • Impervious surface disconnection to compacted cover, natural cover, or other green infrastructure
  • Permeable pavement systems
  • Bioretention (rain gardens)
  • Other practices in DOEE’s Stormwater Management Guidebook

Eligible GI must:

  • Be fully installed and functioning
  • Retain stormwater runoff
  • Comply with all applicable construction codes
  • Be properly sized and located

For a Standard Application:

  • GI must pass DOEE’s inspection
  • The application must include design details and a site plan that is in compliance with DOEE’s Stormwater Management Guidebook

While properties using a Simple Application are not required to undergo DOEE inspection, DOEE reserves the right to inspect practices at any property seeking a discount.


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