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311 Tip App for Local Environmental Violations

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Public Urged to Report Potential Harm to the Environment and Community

(Washington, DC) The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) has further enhanced its efforts to enforce the District’s environmental laws and regulations with the launch of a new Environmental Tips Mobile Application (App), the agency reported today.

The new app encourages public activism by allowing residents to report violations, including sharing photos and comments, to DOEE. A tracking number is provided for the public to follow up on each reported incident.

The app will support the following DOEE programs/activities:

The District Bag Law.  The public is encouraged to report District businesses in violation of the Bag Law. District businesses that sell food or alcohol are required to charge a five cent fee for both plastic and paper disposable bags in an effort to reduce bag pollution in waterways.

Construction Sites.  The public is encouraged to report environmental offenses at construction sites for soil erosion and drainage issues. DOEE ensures companies are in compliance with the District’s regulations for construction and land disturbance.

Engine Idling. The public is encouraged to report commercial vehicles idling for more than three minutes by providing the location, date, and the time of the observed idling. The Anti-idling Law is intended to reduce harmful emissions in the District.  It does not apply to privately-owned vehicles.

The Mobile app is available at both the Android and iTunes stores for smartphone devices. It can also be accessed at DC 311 Smartphone App.