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District Announces First-in-the-Nation Fleet Sharing Program

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Washington, DC – Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, joined by directors of the Departments of Public Works (DPW) and the District Department of Environment (DDOE), today announced further achievements in reducing vehicle emissions by eliminating more than 300 light vehicles from its fleet and initiating a one of a kind motor pool operation called Fleet Share. Given the uncertain state of the US economy, this initiative, based on the Zipcar model, is part of the administration’s proactive approach toward cutting fleet costs for the District.

“We are eliminating 360 vehicles (sedans, vans and pick-ups), for an eight percent reduction in our fleet,” said Mayor Fenty.  “Last year, as promised, we eliminated 150 vehicles within the first 90 days of my administration. We expect to achieve a net cost savings of $6.6 million over five years by reducing the fleet.”

Fleet Share is a pilot motor pool operation that allows DC government employees to reserve a vehicle via the Internet on a first-come, first-served basis. The District’s online fleet management maximizes fleet utilization on an hourly basis, allowing a high number of trips to be supported by a smaller number of vehicles. 

“Its three main benefits – cost reduction, safety improvement and environmental sustainability – and the higher accountability for use of a vehicle make the Zipcar model very attractive to us,” said Director of Public Works Bill Howland. 

In addition, the District has created a newly formed Fleet Steering Committee that will continue the momentum of this initiative by:

  • Evaluating a series of operational reforms designed to improve District fleet services and further lower costs;
  • Identifying ways in which the District can further reduce its carbon footprint through “greening” of its fleet operations;
  • Expanding the use of the current fleet data management system to track costs and evaluate outcomes;
  • Standardizing fleet data systems and metrics across all District Departments; and
  • Reviewing a series of high-level operational recommendations compiled by project consultants, Public Financial Management, Inc., during the Summer of 2008 and produce a summary of findings during calendar year 2009

George Hawkins, DDOE Director, said, “"Everybody wins when we take cars off the road. Reducing emissions means reducing pollution in the air we breathe. It also means reducing the amount of greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere -- gases that lead to the devastating consequences of global warming."

Last year, DPW converted 100 percent of the District’s diesel-fueled fleet to ultra-low sulfur diesel.  Alternative fuel vehicles are an important part of the District’s fleet and include vehicles powered by E-85 ethanol and compressed natural gas, as well as hybrid vehicles.  In FY 2009, DPW will introduce B-20 biodiesel fuel.

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