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Notice of Funding Availability - Solar Works DC

Friday, December 23, 2016

Notice of Funding Availability – Solar Works DC—the District’s Low Income Solar Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Job Training Program

DOEE seeks eligible entities to propose a solution for how the District might increase the number of residents that are able to work in solar jobs. The amount available for the project is approximately $950,000 for one fiscal year.

UPDATE: The new deadline for application submissions is February 3, at 4:30pm.

DOEE will hold a public information session on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 2:00pm at 1200 First Street, NE, 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20002. Call in toll free to participate via telephone at (877) 784-3995. Use Participant Code 3127831. Attendance is not mandatory. 

A person may obtain a copy of this RFA by any of the following means:

Download from the attachments below.

Email a request to [email protected] with “Request copy of RFA 2017-1712” in the subject line.

Pick up a copy in person from the Department’s reception desk, located at 1200 First Street NE, 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20002.  To make an appointment, call Ben Stutz at 202-481-3839 and mention this RFA by name.

Write DOEE at 1200 First Street NE, 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20002, “Attn: Ben Stutz RE:2017-1712” on the outside of the envelope.

Eligibility: The following entities may apply for these grants—

  • Nonprofit organizations, including those with IRS 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) determinations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Universities/educational institutions
  • Private Enterprises

For additional information regarding this funding opportunity, write to: [email protected].

Questions & Answers

Q1: Who is eligible to apply for the Solar Works DC grant?
A1:  Private enterprises, nonprofit organizations, including those with IRS 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) determinations, faith-based organizations, government agencies and universities/educational institutions can applyfor the Solar Works DC grant.  Because the Notice of Funding Availability incorrectlyprohibited faith-based organizations from applying, DOEE is extending the application deadline until Friday, February 3rd at 4:30pm. 

Q2: How many grants will be awarded?
A2: On page 21 of the RFA, in Section 7.2 - Available Funding, it is stated that: “DOEE expects to make an award to a single grantee for the funding amount available.”

Q3: Will the grantee receive only $950,000 for training and installation of the solar panels? Will grantees have to: pay a livable/minimum wage for 45-75 students while training them, find rooftops for PV installation, purchase PV panels, and complete installation all for less than one million dollars?
A3: Up to $950,000 is available per year to achieve the deliverables listed in the grant.  The DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) will pay a stipend directly to the program participants for up to 20 hours for non-summer participants, and up to 30 hours for summer participants enrolled in the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP). Living and minimum wages are not required, however, prospective grantees are allowed to supplement training participants’ stipends as they deem necessary to meet the grant objectives.

Q4: What are allowable costs?
A4: See section 7, page 24 of the RFA, for allowable costs.

Q5: Will you give the grantee rooftops? If not, is the grantee supposed to find the rooftops? What exactly do you mean by 60-100 District edifices? Define roof/edifice.
A5: No, DOEE will not provide the grantee with rooftops. The grantee is responsible for identifying rooftops for PV installations.  DOEE will share a short list of 30 homeowners that have expressed interest in installations with the grantee. For the purposes of this grant, one edifice equals the rooftop of one home or building.

Q6: Will you give the grantee a space to conduct training?
A6: No, DOEE will not identify and secure the space to conduct trainings.

Q7: How many watts should be produced by the installations?
A7: There is no minimum watt requirement.