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Brownfields and DC’s Voluntary Cleanup Program

A brownfield is a property where expansion or development is complicated by the presence of hazardous substances or contamination. The District’s brownfield program, known as the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), incentivizes the voluntary cleanup of brownfields. Many properties have successfully completed the VCP.

Map of Current and Remediated VCP Sites

View a list of the District’s Current and Remediated VCP Sites.

Guidance for Brownfield Owners and Community Developers

  • Services Provided by the VCP - This page gives an overview of the services provided by this program and how it can help owners or developers remediate contaminated sites.
    - FAQ
  • VCP Enrollment Guidance - Find all necessary applications and guidance to enroll in the VCP.
    • VCP Application form
    • VCP Application-Supporting documents/format
      - Supporting Documents (Comprehensive Site Assessment report (Phase I/II report)
      - Cleanup Action Plan (CAP)
      - Site Completion Report to request Certificate of Completion (COC)
    • Report a Brownfield
    • VCP approval process
    • VCP Charts (Source: DOEE Website)

How to get more information

  • For technical information, call (202) 535-1771
  • For legal Information, call (202) 671-0605
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