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Case Study - Willard InterContinental Hotel

Willard InterContinental Hotel
2009 Mayor's Environmental Excellence Award Winner: 
Outstanding Achievement by a Hotel 

Willard InterContinental – The Next 100 Years

Based on the Three P’s (Profit-People-Planet), the holistic plan comprises interwoven sustainable projects designed for a luxurious urban hospitality experience in harmony with social and ecological consciousness.

Environmental Achievements at a Glance:

  • 100% wind energy to power the hotel.
  • Decrease in electricity consumption of 12% over past 5 years, even as occupancy rose. 
  • Donation of water well to a village in South Africa
  • Donation of water well to a native American family in South Dakota
  • Contributes to Earth Conservation Corps Anacostia River Clean-up, educational and vocational efforts.
  • Overall electricity consumption including Café du Parc restaurant decreased 6.5% from 2007 to 2008 alone.
  • 100% water reduction with water-free urinals.  In its first year, 2005, the Willard saved over 95,000 gallons of water.  Projected savings by 2009 are over one million gallons.
  • Green chemicals for in-house laundry.
  • 100% removal of PERC non-renewable dry-cleaning chemicals.
  • All papers consumed on property are 30% recycled paper.
  • Recycling success: 191 tons in 2008, land fill wastes (non-recyclables) decreased from 1029 tons in 2005, to 635 tons in 2008, a 38% reduction, even with a new restaurant added and 27% of this reduction came in 2008.
  • In 2005, our first test year, we composted one ton.  By 2008, our composting increased to 37 tons with a 33% increase over 2007.
  • 100% elimination of oil-based paints

(Left to right)
Eric Dietz, Sam Petty, Mary Kostovny, Jill Yochus, Hervé Houdré, Katrin Motk, Sarah Garodz, Kevin Kirner, Anna Croll, Christine Canalez-Presock
(Missing from this picture are Jane Davis and Barbara Bahny-David)

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