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Community Stormwater Solutions Grants

RiverSmart Projects

The Community Stormwater Solutions Grant Program provides funding for innovative, community-oriented and –inspired projects aimed at improving water quality in the District, reducing litter, and raising awareness about what citizens can do to restore our rivers, streams, and parks. Through these grants, DOEE seeks to support community partners through capacity-building initiatives like grant writing workshops. The program started in 2016 and, to date, DOEE has awarded 41 grants totaling $764,627.

DOEE offers these grants annually. To receive updates about the program and other funding opportunities, sign up or contact us.

Program Contacts:

Department of Energy and Environment
Emily Rice    |    202-535-2679
[email protected]

Chesapeake Bay Trust
Bre’Anna Brooks    |    410-974-2941 ext. 112
[email protected]

2019 Community Stormwater Solutions Grantees
11 grants totaling $217,330

Anacostia Coordinating Council (ACC): Suitland Parkway Woods Project ($20,000)
ACC is the fiscal sponsor for the Suitland Parkway Woods Project, which will employ five residents of Ward 8 as Park Stewards to remove invasive plants and litter from the natural areas around Suitland Parkway. The project builds off the highly successful 2018 "Ward 8 Woods" Community Stormwater Solutions Grant by the same group.

Anacostia Riverkeeper (ARK): CleanSweep in Targeted Subwatersheds ($19,043)
ARK will conduct community trash cleanups and other outreach events with residents of the following targeted subwatersheds: Hickey Run, Nash Run, Watts Branch, Pope Branch. The project will educate citizens about the volumes of trash introduced to District's watersheds by stormwater runoff and the resulting impact on water quality. In addition, ARK will move its Litter Letters, a large 3D sculpture funded by a 2018 Community Stormwater Solutions Grant, from Anacostia Park to Kingman Island.

Constituent Services Worldwide Public Benefit Corporation (CSWPBC): Green Infrastructure Pathways Project ($20,000)
CSWPCB will employ seven District residents who face significant challenges to employment in a 100-hour post-certification, on-the-job training program. Participants will gain paid, interim work experience. Topics will include safety, tool handling, green infrastructure maintenance, invasive species removal, tree maintenance, and rain barrel installation.

Design Virtue: Studio DC: Developing Community Stormwater Solutions ($20,000)
Design Virtue will engage ten high school students on how to apply design thinking to water quality issues right in their own watersheds. The project will take place over ten Saturday workshops where students will explore Hickey Run, Nash Run, Watts Branch, and Kingman/Heritage Islands. Students will choose, create, and present their own watershed design projects to members of their families, communities, and design professionals and on social media to help raise awareness and bring about behavior change.

Earth Conservation Corps (ECC): Anacostia Raptor Watch Pilot Program ($20,000)
ECC will engage with students from the Houston Elementary School after-care program as they together explore the Nash Run subwatershed through direct service and hands-on citizen science programs including a school litter clean up and waste audit. Youth will learn about water quality issues, including the impacts of litter, invasive species, and green infrastructure.

Forma-i: Plastic Upcycling Workshops ($18,890)
Forma-i will educate and engage children and adults about plastics consumption habits and the risks of waste production, littering, and ecosystem destruction through five hands-on workshops starting with a community litter clean-up event. Subsequent workshops would employ a plastic transformer machine that breaks down plastics making them into new forms like bowls, jewelry, tile, and waste baskets.

Friends of the National Arboretum (FONA): The Green Ambassadors Guild ($20,000)
FONA will expand the Saturday Guild Program into a six-week summer program. Youth participants will explore environmental stewardship, including litter clean-ups, invasive species removal, an Anacostia River boat tour, rain garden maintenance, water quality testing, and other educational workshops.

Living Classrooms: Kingman Island Access Beautification Community Arts Project ($19,397.39)
Living Classrooms will work with about 100 Ward 7 residents to beautify the approach of Kingman and Heritage Islands via the Benning Road Ethel Kennedy Bridge with a community arts project. Volunteers will stencil 88 concrete wall panels along the bridge with wildlife designs selected by the communities. The project includes litter cleanups and a community boat tour.

Step Afrika!: Step Fest, an Activation of Kingman Island ($20,000)
Step Afrika! will produce Step Fest, a one-day event in August 2019 on Kingman and Heritage Islands. Funding will support general operations, marketing the event to local communities, support dance troops performing at the event, and watershed activities taking place at the event.

Urban Learning and Teaching Center (ULTC): Geocaching DC’s Waterways ($20,000)
ULTC will work with students at DC Bilingual PCS, Elsie Whitlow Stokes PCS, and Creative Minds International PCS to create a Geocaching series that educates the public and raises awareness about stormwater runoff, its effects on the pollution of the Anacostia River, and how to mitigate it.

Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA): Trail Rangers Expansion and Engagement in the Watts Branch Corridor ($20,000)
WABA will engage residents in the Watts Branch corridor to connect them with nearby trails,(Marvin Gaye Trail, Anacostia River Trail, and Suitland Parkway Trail), through organized rides and signage. Funding will also extend the trail rangers seasons to include the month of October, when bike ridership levels in the community are still high. Trail rangers will conduct trash cleanups and invasive species removal in these areas as well.

- The Grant Writing Workshop Series guidance materials are attached below.