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DCSEU Contract

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The Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008 (D.C. Code §8-1773.01 et seq.) establishes authority in the Mayor, by, and through DOEE, to contract with a private entity to be known as the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (“DCSEU”) to administer sustainable energy programs in the District, including the development, coordination, and provision of programs for the purpose of promoting the sustainable use of energy in the District. The DCSEU shall design and implement programs in the District to reduce energy consumption, increase renewable energy generating capacity, improve the energy efficiency and increase the renewable energy generating capacity of low-income housing, shelters, clinics, or other buildings serving low-income residents, and increase the number of green-collar jobs in the District. The DCSEU contract shall be performance-based and provide financial incentives for the Contractor to meet or exceed the required performance benchmarks, and financial penalties if the Contractor fails to meet the required performance benchmarks.

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