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Hamlin Street LID Stormwater Retrofit Project

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The purpose of this project is to reduce stormwater runoff and prevent erosion in Hickey Run, to reduce stormwater pollution, to restore natural hydrology and to increase natural habitat —with the goal of improving water quality in the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers for the benefit of District residents, visitors, wildlife and the environment.

The Hamlin Street NE project site was selected through the “Hickey Run Hero Challenge” as the block in the Hickey Run Watershed with the highest participation in DOEE’s RiverSmart Homes program and was also identified as a priority LID retrofit area by DOEE in its Hickey Run Watershed Implementation Plan due to its high potential for treating stormwater.

The Hamlin Street NE project site is located at the southeastern side of the 2000 block of Hamlin Street, NE near the intersection with Mills Avenue, NE. It receives drainage from approximately 3.1 acres of land with approximately 1.3 acres of it from impervious cover. This site is located in the Hickey Run watershed, a subwatershed of the Anacostia River which has a drainage area of approximately 1,100 acres.

Stormwater runs off from the west and north side of the project area towards the southeast. Two steep alleys and driveways convey stormwater from the north onto Hamlin Street where it is captured by two catch basins, one located mid-length of the street, the other located at the easternmost end of Hamlin Street. Hamlin is a residential street with 15 homes adjacent to it. Eight of these properties have had stormwater management practices installed through the RiverSmart Homes program; however, the street itself has no stormwater controls because it was developed prior to the promulgation of the District’s stormwater regulations.

This project involves the use of green infrastructure stormwater management to reduce the quantity of stormwater runoff and improve the water quality prior to it reaching Hickey Run.

Project Status: This project is now under construction.

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