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Mold Information for Home Tenants

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The District of Columbia’s Air Quality Amendment Act of 2014 requires that tenants must first notify the landlord or home owner in writing about mold issues in the home.  The landlord or home owner must respond within seven days and has 30 days to repair the problem.   Mold contamination greater than 10 square feet requires a DOEE licensed mold professional to assess (evaluate) and/or remediate (fix) the problem.  Mold contamination below 10 square feet can be addressed by a non-licensed individual, who must follow the DOEE’s mold guidelines (Guidance Document).

If the landlord fails to respond within seven days or repair the mold situation within 30 days, tenants can:

  • Contact the District of Columbia Superior Court Housing Conditions Calendar at 202 879-1133 for assistance with filing a claim against the landlord (home owner).
  • Call the Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA) at 202 719-6560 to learn about tenant rights and landlord’s responsibilities regarding mold.  The OTA may refer to the tenant to a public advocate who can pay for a mold assessor to evaluate the home. 
  • Choose a mold professional from the List of DOEE-Licensed Mold Professionals and pay for a mold assessor to evaluate the residence.  If the tenant decides to bring a case to the Housing and Conditions Court against the landlord, the judge may order the landlord/home owner to reimburse your cost for the mold assessment.

NOTE: DOEE does not conduct mold inspections.

The best way to prevent mold growth in your home is to control moisture indoors. However, where mold has already grown, it is important to take precautions to protect human health. District of Columbia Mold Assessment and Remediation Regulations specify requirements when addressing mold in indoor residential properties. These regulations establish a licensing program for mold assessment and remediation professionals who perform work in the District of Columbia.  Remember:

  1. If there is at least ten square feet of indoor mold growth in a residential area with tenants, all assessment and remediation must be performed or supervised by a mold professional that is licensed by DOEE, and
  2. No person may represent himself as a mold professional without the corresponding license from the DOEE,  and
  3. All licensed mold professionals must notify DOEE of projects in accordance with the regulations, and follow performance standards and work practices required by the regulations.

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