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RiverSmart Homes Yard Signs

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Help DOEE spread the word about the RiverSmart Homes program and show off your participation by having a “Clean Rivers Start Here” sign installed in your yard. RiverSmart Sign


Any homeowner who has at least one qualifying feature in their yard is eligible.
Qualifying features must have been installed or rebated through RiverSmart Homes and be in good working order. They include:

  • Rain barrels;
  • Shade trees;
  • Rain gardens;
  • BayScaping;
  • Permeable pavers; and/or,
  • Re-vegetation.

How-to Have a Sign Installed

  1. Fill out this application or call (202) 535-2252
  2. DOEE will verify your installation and schedule an installation or drop-off date (homeowners do not need to be present for sign installation)
  3. DOEE will install or drop-off your sign on the scheduled installation date


  • Do I have to pay for the yard sign?
    • No. The sign and installation are provided at no cost to homeowners.
  • Where in my yard will DOEE install the yard sign?
    • Areas of yard that are visible from public space (e.g. a sidewalk) are ideal, preferably near an installed RiverSmart Homes feature, although not necessary. DOEE will consult with the homeowner on the location if present for installation.
  • Can I install the yard sign on my own?
    • Yes, you may pick up the sign from DOEE headquarters (1200 First Street NE) or DOEE will drop off the signage materials at your home if you indicate this option in your application. You may install the yard sign on your own as long as it is installed in your front yard and reasonably visible from the street.

      Materials you will need (that will not be provided) to install the yard sign are: a screwdriver, a hammer or a rubber mallet, pliers (optional), and a constructional level (optional)

Sign Up For Your Sign

First name

Last name

Property address line 1 (excluding City/State/Zip)

Property address, city

Property address, state

Property address, zip



Have you already received a RiverSmart Homes Audit?

Have you already had RiverSmart Homes Practices installed?

What made you interested in having a RiverSmart Homes sign installed?

Note: The fastest way to obtain a sign is to select the option to pick it up from DOEE. If you select to have the sign installed or delivered to your home, DOEE will provide these signs on a first-come first-serve basis and hope to complete your request by the end of the year.

Please choose an installation option

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