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Register for a Backyard Habitat Workshop

The District Department of the Environment is partnering with Audubon Maryland-DC and the Audubon At Home program to offer FREE educational workshops in which participants can learn about creating wildlife habitat in their yard. We would like to invite you to register for one of our backyard habitat workshops, which are being held in September and October of 2012.

All of the workshops will cover the same general material, but participants will plant a demonstration garden that is designed around a different theme. Three workshops will be themed on a rare wildlife habitat that is found in the District. These workshops will feature an additional presentation about the plants and geology that make the habitat unique, and a demonstration garden that features plants found in that community.

2012 Workshop Schedule:


Date & Time Location Workshop Title Address
Saturday September 22, 1pm-4pm Capital Area Food Bank  Edible Native Plants to Attract Pollinators 4900 Puerto Rico Avenue NE
Saturday October 13, 1pm-4pm Wangari Garden Edible Native Plants to Attract Pollinators 410 Kenyon Street NW
Saturday November 10, 1pm-4pm University of the District of Columbia Habitats in Small Spaces

Van Ness Campus, 4200 Connecticut Ave., NW
Building 41, Room A03

Saturday October 20, 1pm-4pm Spring Valley Park Forest Understory Restoration 3660 49th Street NW

Participants will plant a demonstration garden and will receive a "habitat kit" with books, literature, a birdhouse and live plants. Program sessions are based on availability and usually run about six hours.

Wildlife Garden Workshop, register with the form below.

DDOE Backyard Habtitat Workshop Registration in 2012


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