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Ditch the Disposables

While Ditch the Disposables is currently unfunded, restaurants and other food-serving entities seeking financial assistance to move away from single-use items can apply for a Community Stormwater Solutions grant, under Project Area 6. Learn more. Applications due on Thursday, March 28, 2024.

Supporting Transitions From Single-Use to Reusable Foodware

Takeout and to-go meals are more popular than ever, but their convenience comes at a cost. Waste from disposable and single-use food service items, such as containers, utensils, and condiment packages, continues to grow and most frequently ends up at landfills, incinerators, or waterways. Furthermore, food-serving businesses and organizations have been hit hard by rising prices and supply chain delays, disproportionately impacting small businesses that do not have the purchasing power of restaurant groups and corporate chains to keep up with demand.

DOEE’s Ditch the Disposables program, part of Zero Waste DC, aims to reduce the use of disposable foodware throughout the District by providing grants to support transitions to reusable foodware at restaurants and food-serving entities. This can include establishing dishwashing capacity and implementing the use of reusable containers, either in-house or through a third-party entity.

For more information about Ditch the Disposables, contact [email protected].

Check out these videos of two inaugural year projects:

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