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Dedication Ceremony for Mt. Airy Baptist Church’s RiverSmart Communities Project

Last Date:

Mt. Airy Baptist Church - 1100 North Capitol St NW

DOEE and Mt. Airy Baptist Church are thrilled to announce a special RiverSmart Communities Stormwater Prayer Garden Dedication. We invite you to join us for this exciting event and share in the joy of this meaningful occasion.

Garden Dedication and Highlights of the Event: The ceremony will begin with the official dedication of the RiverSmart Communities Stormwater Prayer Garden. This will include speakers representing the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), Mt. Airy Baptist Church, and Anacostia Watershed Society. Each speaker will offer a short overview of their contributions to this recently installed RiverSmart Communities stormwater prayer garden, the participants, and how it helps clean up our rivers in Washington, DC.


  • Reverend Karen Taylor, Mt. Airy Baptist Church
  • Richard Jackson, District Department of Energy and Environment
  • Andy Oetman, District Department of Energy and Environment
  • Matt Reise, Anacostia Watershed Society

Garden Tour: Take a guided tour of the garden to explore its diverse plant life, innovative landscaping, and its potential impact on the local environment. This project includes a 750 sq ft Rain Garden (Bioretention), over 500 native plantings, a 300-gallon cistern, and a few shade trees!

Photo Opportunities: Ample opportunities will be provided for stunning visuals and photo ops, capturing the garden's charm and its contribution to our city.

Interviews: Key stakeholders will be available to discuss the garden's significance, future, and the role it plays in the community.