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Energy Benchmarking – Requesting and Reporting Whole-Building Energy Data

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Join us for a walk through the aggregate whole-building energy data process, with Pepco and Washington Gas.

Do you own or manage a building in the District that is over 25,000 square feet and has 5 or more energy meters? Are you unsure how to get access to individual tenant energy data and how to report it to DOEE? Then join us for this webinar co-presented with Pepco and Washington Gas to walk you through the aggregate whole-building energy data process and get set you up for years to come!

This webinar is aimed at buildings that have individually metered tenants (i.e, tenants that pay their own electric and/or natural gas bills). Often, these are apartment buildings, condominiums, and cooperative housing. DOEE requires whole-building energy usage to be reported, which means all common area and individual unit data must be collected and disclosed. This webinar will go over how to request whole-building energy data directly from Pepco and Washington Gas and report that data to DOEE.

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