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Wildlife and Pesticides in the District

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What is Wildlife?

  • Non-domesticated animals such as bats, bears, frogs, turtles, butterflies, etc…

What is Wildlife Control?

  • Preventing, repelling, or controlling nuisance birds, mammals, reptiles, fish and other wildlife not covered by the Rodent Control category (such as the Norway Rat, Roof Rat, and House Rat).

Do I need a license?

  • Yes, any individual performing wildlife control in the District needs to be licensed with DOEE. A short course and exam must be taken to be granted a license. Please contact Natasha Garcia-Anderson at [email protected] to become licensed.

Do I have to register my company?

  • Yes, all companies providing wildlife control must register one-time (at no cost) with the DOEE to operate in DC. Note: No reciprocity is offered with neighboring Maryland or Virginia jurisdictions.

What pesticides are permitted to control wildlife?

  • Non-lethal means are preferred over lethal means for the control of wildlife.

The following items are not permitted to control wildlife:

  • Sticky or glue traps.
  • Leg-hold and other body-gripping traps, body crushing traps, snares, or harpoon-type traps.
  • Toxicants may not be used to control pigeons, European starlings, or house sparrows.
  • Always read a product label information to avoid miss-use.

Are some species omitted from control?

Contact TTY: