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High-Impact Stormwater Retention Credits

Generating or purchasing High-Impact Stormwater Retention Credits (SRCs) helps to restore the District’s rivers. Green infrastructure, like rain gardens and green roofs, reduces stormwater runoff by recharging groundwater or re-using water for irrigation or other non-potable uses. Green infrastructure is essential for creating a Sustainable DC and making the District’s rivers fishable and swimmable. When properties build green infrastructure, they may be eligible to generate SRCs. High-Impact SRCs are generated when new green infrastructure practices are built as voluntary retrofits in areas draining to the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).

Green infrastructure in the MS4 area does the most to protect the District’s rivers because in these areas, stormwater runoff would otherwise drain untreated into our rivers and streams, typically without any treatment. Voluntary stormwater retrofits are built on properties that aren’t required to build green infrastructure under the District regulations.

Regulated site owners can purchase and use SRCs to achieve regulatory requirements for stormwater retention. When using High-Impact SRCs, regulated sites can help to fund green infrastructure where it will have the greatest impact on improving water quality in the District. If your regulated development project is located in the Combined Sewer System area, you can meet up to 100% of your stormwater retention requirement by using High-Impact SRCs.

DOEE supports new, voluntary green infrastructure in the MS4 through the SRC Price Lock Program. As a part of this program, DOEE pays SRC Price Lock Program participants to offer their SRCs buyers at reduced rates. This ensures it is affordable for developers to use High-Impact SRCs to comply with stormwater management requirements.

Visit the SRC Registry to find High-Impact SRCs that are currently for sale.

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