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Notice of Request for Partners - 2022 Small and Accessible Sustainability Grant Program

Friday, December 3, 2021

DOEE is seeking eligible entities to submit an application to manage small subgrants. Through these subgrants the Department seeks to provide District of Columbia entities, including non-profits, public and charter schools, and certain businesses, modest funding  to advance the District's sustainability goals.  For the first year of funding these include reducing waste and supporting urban agriculture.   The subgrants emphasize the support of small, new, and/or historically-excluded (SNHE) entities. The total amount available is $483,452.

Beginning December 3, 2021, the full text of the Request for Applications (RFA) will be available in the attachments section below. 

A person may obtain a copy of this RFA by any of the following means: 

Download from the attachments below.

Email a request to [email protected] with “Request copy of RFA 2022-2128-USA ” in the subject line.

The deadline for application submissions is January 18, 2022.  The online application must be time stamped by 11:59 p.m. on the date the application is due. E-mail the completed application to [email protected]

Eligibility: All the checked institutions below may apply for this grant: 

  • Nonprofit organizations, including those with IRS 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) determinations; 
  • Faith-based organizations; 
  • Government agencies; 
  • Universities/educational institutions; and 
  • Private Enterprises. 

DOEE will conduct the following virtual info sessions. Attendance is not required: 

Thursday December 09, 2021, starting at 3:00 pm EST  

WebEx access >>
Meeting number: 2318 609 4608 
Meeting password: 33kRJdtKfX9 

Wednesday January 05, 2022, starting at 2:00 pm EST  

WebEx access >> 
Meeting number: 2310 300 5744 
Meeting password: 23ZhtAERYN2  

​For additional information regarding this RFA, write to: [email protected].