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Urban Farm Tax Abatement Program

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The District offers up to a 90% property tax abatement for individuals whose property is being actively used as an urban farm, pursuant to D.C. Official Code §47-868 “Reduced tax liability for certain urban farms”, for a maximum annual abatement for a property is $20,000.


  1. First you will apply to participate in the program, providing all of the requested information.
  2. Once your application is accepted, your application will be processed and entered into the DOEE Urban Farming Tax Abatement (UFTA) program and recorded as a participating member. If your application is not accepted you will be notified within 30 days.
  3. DOEE will perform a site visit(s) to your location. The objective of the site visit will be to verify the information given on the UFTA application as well as verify the continual use of the farm during the dates proposed.
  4. Once approved, your farm application will be certified and sent to the Office of Tax revenue for processing. Site visits will be scheduled in advance and will likely be scheduled to align with the tax years.

Applications and site visits must be completed by the following due dates:

Tax Year Billing Period Due Date
1st Half of tax year October 1 - March 31 November 1
2nd Half of tax year April 1 - September 30 May 1

Program Contact:

Office of Urban Agriculture, Director
Kate Lee  |  [email protected]  |  (202) 924-8932 

Contact TTY: