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Urban Farming Land Lease Program

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In partnership with the Department of General Services, DOEE offers select District-owned parcels for lease to private entities to facilitate urban farming on public land in DC.


The primary objective of the Urban Farming Land Lease (UFLL) program is to facilitate agriculture production on vacant lands owned by the District of Columbia in order to contribute to a resilient, sustainable, and equitable food system for District residents.

The Purpose of the UFLL Program is to:

  • Create a successful model for use of public land in supporting urban farming;
  • Activate unused, vacant public lands in communities;
  • Contribute to a stronger, more resilient, locally-sourced food system within Washington D.C.; and
  • Support the District’s economy and community by creating jobs, increasing exposure for farm and food education, and improving a sense of community through placemaking and community ownership. 

Current Sites

Current sites have been identified in Wards 5, 7, or 8.

Your input is essential:

If you live in Wards 5, 7, or 8: please complete this survey to let us know about bringing a farm to your community.

Program Contacts:

Department of Energy and Environment
Kate Lee |  [email protected]  |  (202) 924-8932

Department of General Services
Dawit Beru  |  [email protected]

Contact TTY: