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Sustainable Purchasing

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The District is mandated to procure environmentally preferable products and services (EPPS) to the maximum extent practicable. The District is committed to procuring quality goods and services in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost to meet our sustainability goals. The EPPS program for sustainable purchasing is managed by the DC Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) in collaboration with DOEE.

District of Columbia Sustainable Specifications

The following sustainable specifications were developed in accordance with the Office of Contracting and Procurement’s Environmentally Preferable Products and Services (EPPS) Policy and the D.C. Law 24-16. Green Food Purchasing Amendment Act of 2021, and can be utilized to fulfill these requirements. Sustainable specifications also facilitate meeting more than 15 environmentally sustainable laws, regulations and support goals of the Sustainable DC Plan.

For an expanded list of sub-products associated with each major product or service category, please see the EPPS Product and Sub-Product Categories list.

Specification Guidance Documents

This EPPS Guide is an environmental specification guidance document that has been developed to assist District agencies in implementing the Procurement Practices Reform Act of 2010, (amended by D.C. Law 24-16. Green Food Purchasing Amendment Act of 2021), Mayoral Order 2009-60, and OCP Policy 7000.00, which require the District Government to purchase sustainable and environmentally preferable products and services to the maximum extent feasible.

- Environmentally Preferable Products or Services (EPPS) Guide

Additional Information:

- EPPS Reporting Contractor Template
- EPPS NIGP Code Search Tool

Contact Us

The Sustainable Purchasing team wants to engage procurement stakeholders, including vendors and other interested parties, in discussions about sustainable purchasing in the District of Columbia. Please register to receive periodic updates on the program’s progress from the Sustainable Purchasing team. This information may also be used to contact vendors with experience in the manufacture or sale of specific commodities.

Contact Information

Sustainable Purchasing Program email: [email protected]
OCP Procurement Center of Excellence: 202.724.4477

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