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Mobile Community Air Monitoring Pilot Project

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DOEE partnered with air quality and climate tech leader Aclima to launch a historical air quality monitoring pilot program in three priority communities: Ivy City/Brentwood, Buzzard Point, and Mayfair. We selected these communities because they have been disproportionately impacted by a long history of racial injustice, which have also led to increased exposure to air pollution and its negative health effects.

This project provides block-by-block information, during a two-week period, on air pollution in these communities, giving us a snapshot of which areas in these neighborhoods have higher levels of pollution and at what times of the day these pollution levels are higher.

The project was officially launched in Spring 2023, with a demonstration of Aclima’s cars and technology and remarks by Brenda Mallory, the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Dr. Amber Hewitt, Chief Equity Officer for the Government of the District of Columbia, Hannah Ashenafi, Associate Director of DOEE’s Air Quality Division, and Davida Herzl, co-founder and CEO of Aclima.

The goals of this project are to gain valuable, data-driven insight into air quality in these communities and to increase residents’ awareness of pollutants in their neighborhoods and help them to reduce emissions. This insight will help decision-makers create policies that are better targeted to improve air quality in the District and determine which part of these neighborhoods warrants further analysis as the hyperlocal monitoring program expands in future years.

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