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Urban Sustainability Administration

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Maribeth DeLorenzo, Deputy Director
[email protected]  |  202-535-1911

The Urban Sustainability Administration’s mission is to develop innovative policies and programs to address sustainability, green building, climate change, equity, and sustainable materials management. The Administration also oversees the implementation of Sustainable DC, the District’s sustainability plan.

Green Building and Climate Branch

Jenn Hatch, Branch Chief
[email protected]  |  202-527-1779

The Green Building and Climate Branch ensures that the District continues to be at the forefront of green building, particularly affordable housing, and plans for climate change and adaptation. Through the Green Building Fund Grant Program, green affordable housing, climate adaptation planning, greenhouse gas emission monitoring, the Green Building and Climate Branch promotes sustainable built environment that can meet the changes of climate change.

Sustainability and Equity Branch

Lillian Power, Branch Chief
[email protected]   |  202-497-0787

The Sustainability and Equity Branch partners with District Government agencies, community organizations, private sector, and the community to increase the sustainability of the District of Columbia. The branch leads implementation of the Sustainable DC Plan, the plan to make the District the healthiest, greenest, most livable city in the country by 2032. The branch also develops policies and programs in sustainable materials management, equity, and community engagement.